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  • Funkie Foods has come out of a desire to make a difference in the Irish market. I have lived in the United States and have been spoiled for fresh produce, both organic and conventional. Different types of chili, a wide range of fresh herbs and fresh beans to name a couple. Ever seen a pinto bean fresh out of the pod or eaten a garden pea straight from its jacket. I can tell you there is no comparison.

    Coming back to Ireland was a bit of a shock. Where do I get my chillies from now? Well the answer is: grow your own. Maybe not organic but at least there wasn't anyone spraying near it.

    I did not grow up with organic food but my passion for food made me realise that there is more to cooking than adding flavours. Some flavours you can not add, it is there or it isn't. I think this applies as well to chutneys. "The New Food Lover's Companion" by Sharon Tyler Herbst says that chutney comes "from the East Indian word chatni, this spicy condiment contains fruit, vinegar, sugar and spices. It can range in texture from chunky to smooth and in degrees of spiciness from mild to hot. " I think it is important to use organic produce where possible as the flavours are so much more intense than conventional grown.

    Ever made your own jam, marmalade or chutney? Most commercially produced chutneys tend to have a smooth or barely chunky appearance. Homemade has so much more texture to it. I have this passion for chutneys, it has been going for a couple of years and if there is one thing that can adhance the experience of a good curry or a panini, it is a sweet and/or spicy chunky homemade chutney. People nowadays don't have time to cook pots full of chutney and let them mature in the cupboard. I do see around me that more and more people become aware of the advantages of organic produce and why not add a little bit of someone else's homecooking to your own?

    It is still hard to buy organic produce but if you are determined you can find out places to buy on the internet.

August 29, 2006